We are a community of parents, students and professionals, committed to an education of academic excellence, focused on thought processes and linked to pedagogical innovation.

Teacher professional development

The teachers at Gimnasio La Montaña are continuously trained to offer the best education to their students.

Professional learning is a determining factor in the quality of our teachers’ work and, for this reason, the school offers several spaces to continue learning and growing together in their understanding and application of pedagogical fundamentals and practices.

On Wednesday afternoons, teachers participate in meetings aimed at deepening priority topics for the school. This is achieved through workshops and work by areas, where they analyze data, identify successful practices and evaluate ways of implementation.

Friday afternoons are dedicated to individual learning. This is a space where teachers take courses to strengthen their knowledge, skills and understanding on a variety of topics. This training includes courses such as: Conscious Discipline, Cognitive Development, Moral Development, Social Emotional Development, Education for the 21st Century, Six Reading Theory and Conceptual Pedagogy. Each teacher, according to his or her subject and school, must comply with a particular program. Then, they must keep themselves updated, taking advantage of course offerings at the school and/or external opportunities that include graduate programs.

On the other hand, teachers receive close accompaniment by their department heads to ensure that educators have the support they need to be successful and have a significant impact on their students’ performance. New teachers receive special preparation in which they meet weekly for induction. In these spaces they are trained in specific topics such as the school’s planning and evaluation system, or the GLM philosophy.

At Gimnasio La Montaña we promote the continuous qualification of our teachers, always seeking to improve the teaching processes of our students. We understand education as a dynamic work in permanent construction and, therefore, the evaluation and monitoring of our teachers is a permanent concern.