Academic proposal

We are aware that the school is a space for growth so, we intentionally encourage the comprehensive development of our students. We emphasize the establishment of harmonious and committed relationships with others, to contribute to the construction of a society that responds to the challenges of the 21st century.

In our concept of integral development, we consider it important that there is a balance between the cognitive, socio-emotional, and moral dimensions; To achieve this, GLM has designed a training curriculum according to each of the stages of our students and in which the following areas are addressed: social skills, emotional intelligence, moral development, habits, and routines.

We have our own GLM programs and others developed by experts, with extensive experience, that allow the experience of values aimed at self-care, decision-making based on the truth, peaceful conflict resolution, community service, care of life, healthy affective development, and prevention of risk behaviors.

We offer a program of extracurricular activities through which we promote the good use of free time for healthy development and cultivate the particular interest of our students in the musical, artistic, sports, cultural, scientific, opinion, and community service areas. These activities take place in the mornings, before the start of the day, and in the afternoons.

Leadership, independence, and autonomy in students are essential for GLM. For this reason, we support their initiatives, providing all possible resources for them to dream, design, build, and direct projects in the academic, social, and school interaction fields, among others. Others: Casas, TEDx, Democracia Joven, CEIF, Literature Congress, Meridiano 74, Student Council, and 11th grade Committees.

If you want to know more about the activities and programs:


Extracurricular and Sports Training: 

Activities that take place before or after the school day in which academic, musical, artistic interests and other hobbies are developed.

      • Sports training 

    Students can participate in different sports teams in which they compete in tournaments such as UNCOLI and others to which the school is invited. This space generates and stimulates important values for life such as: discipline, effort, courage, respect, tolerance, teamwork, friendship, leadership, belonging, and excellence.

    By being part of the school’s sports teams in a continuous and disciplined manner, students can enhance their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional abilities and recognize the importance of physical activity and  healthy life by delving into the different practices, and theories of the chosen sport. Women’s and men’s teams are made up of:

        • Basketball
        • Volleyball
        • Football
        • Athletics
        • Gymnastics
    • Extracurricular
        • Elite choir

      The children and young people who decide to be part of the Elite Choir know that, as in any of the school’s curricular activities, they will do a very rigorous and serious job that will bring them individual and collective satisfaction.

      Within the choir’s career, students have participated in national and international festivals, among which we can mention: the Gimnasio Moderno  Choir Festival, the Marymount Christmas Carol Festival, the Bogotá International Choir Festival, the Amalia National Choir Competition Samper Gnecco, the New York Choral Festival and the World Choir Games, among others, always with outstanding results.

        • School of Rock

      This is an ideal space in which students, guided by teachers with extensive experience and musical background, have the opportunity to develop skills to interpret different musical instruments.

      The children make up a band around musical genres such as rock, pop, tropipop, among others. This group participates in various events organized by GLM community.

        • Musicals

      The school musical is recognized as one of the best school musicals that exist in Bogotá, where students manage to develop and work on the musical theater integrity within the three areas that compose it:




      The class hour is divided into two, covering the aforementioned areas and is developed through acting, improvisation and character creation exercises. The dance and singing part is then incorporated, through theatrical exercises and integration of these two areas. The instrument of work is the body and the development of the course will be through the assembly of the school musical that is presented at the end of the year.

        • Marching Band

      The Marching Band is the oldest activity that GLM has. For 15 years, the Band has brought together students from 5th to 11th grade to make music in a different way and put the school name in high regard. It is an activity to constantly demand and challenge yourself, as well as demonstrating strength, perseverance, and passion for our school.

      The Band rehearses two afternoons in the week and divides the students into groups according to the instruments: melody (composed of lyres and trumpets) and percussion (composed of timbas, cymbals, bass drums, grenaderas and drummers).

        • PECA

      The Open Field Education Project was born out of the need to offer a real and stimulating recreational alternative for the young people of GLM, capable of taking them out of their routine and making good use of free time. Thanks to the activities in the open field, the adolescents learn different survival skills such as setting up a tent, making a campfire, making different knots, rock climbing, following a trail and practicing first aid.

      With outdoor activities, students, from 6th to 11th grade strengthen their character and self-esteem; They learn to overcome fear, challenge themselves and overcome themselves in a healthy and fraternal environment.

        • Media Club

      For students with a passion for communication, this is a space for teamwork where different media approaches are explored: radio, written press, networks, video, and photography. We have a room equipped with editing equipment, cameras and video equipment to explore different ways of transmitting messages

      The perfect opportunity to gain journalistic and communicative skills, production, graphic reporting, design and editing. This is the club in charge of covering important events, among which Youth Democracy and student elections stand out, with the publication of the newspaper Meridiano.

        • Politics Club

      Activity in which students know and develop communicative, argumentative and simulation skills of different scenarios of national and international politics. During the school year, club participants have the opportunity to participate in simulations of UN Models and in the planning and execution of Youth Democracy, events created by students in which they simulate the Congress of the Republic and the High Courts.

        • Fanzaquira

      Fanzaquira The social action club that was created in 2008 as an initiative of the Department of Religion and a group of students from different courses who, concerned about the many needs of our society, thought of proposing to the entire community alternatives to work for underprivileged communities in our country. 

      The name Fanzaquira means “planting time” in the indigenous language. It was chosen thinking that, for us as a community, it is fundamental to sow  lives and in our hearts the values of generosity, gratitude, and service.

        • Others

      Students can to summon their classmates and open to other clubs such as: Mathematics Club, Literature, Languages, Makerspace Illustration, and Cooking, among others.

National and international trips: 

Within the learning strategies outside the classroom, the student community of La Montaña has national and international trips.

    • Excursion program

Once a year, from 1st to 11th grade, students take a trip through a region of Colombia. These outings are intended to sensitize students to the heterogeneity of their country through an on-site experience, learning to make simultaneous relationships between the history, geography, social and natural sciences of the places they visit; This supports their critical thinking, while helping them to create a binding and belonging bond with the cultural richness of the country. In addition, the experience of sharing in another scenario different from the classroom enriches the knowledge of teachers about the potential of each of their students and strengthens the bonds between teachers and students. Finally, this open field experience aims to develop in our students the strength to participate in demanding physical challenges and to temporarily in austerity conditions more demanding than their daily lives.

    • International trips

At GLM we believe that, to prepare for life in a global world, international educational and cultural experiences are very important tools. For this reason, we have designed an offer of academic experiences that range from an eight-week exchange in Canada to participation e academic events lasting a few days. We hope you can take advantage of these plans, as they are excellent opportunities for growth, which have been selected by the school for their academic, cultural, and security characteristics; They are ideal scenarios for using the foreign languages taught at the school in real contexts as well as to get to know other cultures, strengthen their independence, have fun and learn.

      • Canada

The academic integration program in Canada seeks for Seventh Grade students to have a total immersion experience in a community whose first language is English. This allows them to develop communication skills in that language while broadening their cultural horizons. The students live with a Canadian family and study at a public school in the city. During the week they attend classes and on weekends they develop tourism and entertainment activities with their host families or in groups.

      • France

With a group of at least eight students, our partner Learning and Traveling designed a tailor-made program for our students, where they attend French classes and develop cultural activities in Lyon with their classmates and companions.

      • England

This program seeks for students to have an international experience in a safe space accompanied by a GLM teacher. Students will participate in a summer camp, taking part in different activities and games with their peers. Furthermore, it is the perfect space to use English, have fun and meet other students from different parts of the world.

      • Musicals in New York City

This program’s main objective is that students have the opportunity to see the best Broadway shows, being able to get to know one of the most important cities in the world and its main tourist places.

Education Programs:

    • Cohabitation 

Space outside the school where a group of students of each grade, for a day or more, meet to work through games, challenges, and reflections, important aspects of school life particular to each grade, encouraging work in a team, communication, the meaning of life and spirituality. 

    • School guards

For two weeks a year, one a semester, a group of students provides a community service guaranteeing order, respect, and care for community spaces during breaks and lunch.

    • Guardians of peace

Each student from Kindergarten to fourth grade assumes this role for a week, and their function is to help identify conflicts, intervene, refer to the conciliation center or ask an adult to intervene in a formative way so that situations are resolved peacefully and peer relationships are positively strengthened.

    • Protected Ones

Program for the prevention of early consumption of psychoactive substances led by the team of the Here and Now Collective for students from 5th to 9th grade.

    • Sexual Education

Program developed by a specialist in the subject, aimed at Preschool and Primary students, in six annual workshops with an intensity of between eight and twelve sessions per grade, and a conference for parents in which specific characteristics of each age and concerns are resolved. At GLM we understand that this is a fundamental task for families, and we offer this activity to promote and strengthen communication spaces between children and their families.

    • Training Days

For two days a year, high school students receive: workshops, conferences, and talks on important topics for their integral development; Topics on affectivity and sexuality, prevention of consumption of psychoactive substances, healthy living, good treatment, harmonious relationships, and meaning of life, among others, are discussed.

    • Cloud 9 World

Program for the knowledge and development of values in practical life that links families and the school through a proposal based on CASEL. Preschool and Primary children approach three values a year through stories and their experience with support at home.

    • Green newsletters

The school is aware of the importance of recognizing its students for their achievements, values, and virtues. Therefore the school recognizes its students several times a year in a ceremonial act where the community celebrates the practice and understanding of particular virtues such as honesty, responsibility, cheerful and positive spirit, and camaraderie, among others.

    • Zero cheat policy

The school is aware of the importance of moral training and the urgency of training to prevent dishonest behavior, allied itself with the Fundación Cero Trampa and, with the support of the 11th grade students and directors of the entire school, leading campaigns to strengthen moral development and act against cheating.

    • Conscious Discipline

It is a program designed by Becky Bailey that provides a variety of behavior management strategies and classroom structures that teachers can use to convert everyday situations to promote emotional self-regulation and the development of skills and competencies that promote success. The purpose is to learn how the brain works, and the skills required to transform conflict situations into opportunities for learning and growth.